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Ningbo Kajafa Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd was established in 2013. It is a China USB Blender Manufacturers and custom USB Blender Manufacturers. Our company has a professional R&D team with rich experience and technological innovation. With a high degree of concentration and perseverance, Kajafa continuously provides customers with high quality wholesale USB Blender.The products are approved by CE, GS, ETL, CB, CCC, ISI, KC, RoHS, REACH, LFGB, FDA and other certifications. With excellent quality and good service, Kajafa havs established friendly and loyal cooperation with more than 500 overseas buyers. The products sell well both in domestic and overseas market, favored by new and old customers and enjoys a high reputation in domestic and overseas market.

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We have a strong R&D team,and we can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.


We have our own testing lab and the advanced inspection equipment,which can ensure the quality of the products.


Our annual production capacity is over 5,000,000 pcs ,we can meet the needs of different customers with different purchase quantity.


We focus on developing high-quality products for middle and top-end markets. Our products are in line with international standards, and are mainly exported to Europe, South America and other destinations around the world.


Industry Knowledge Development
A USB blender is a small, portable blender that is powered by a USB connection. These types of blenders are typically used to blend and mix small amounts of food or drink, and they are often used for making smoothies, shakes, and other types of blended drinks. They are also convenient for people on the go, as they can be powered by a laptop or other device with a USB port, making it easy to blend a drink while traveling or at the office.

Some of the USB blender might be hand-held, portable and cordless, which make it easier for user to bring it anywhere, Also some of them designed with a small size that suitable for single-serving and make it easy to clean.

It's worth noting that USB blender have a little less power compare to the traditional counter-top blenders, thus their capability may be limited in terms of blending tougher ingredients like frozen fruits or nuts, But it's a great option for blending liquid and soft ingredients.

Overall, a USB blender can be a convenient and practical option for people who need to blend small amounts of food or drink on the go.

Some common features of USB blenders include:
Compact size: USB blenders are typically smaller in size than traditional countertop blenders, making them easy to pack and take on the go.
Rechargeable battery: Many USB blenders come with a built-in rechargeable battery, which can be charged via the USB cable. This means the blender can be used cordlessly, making it even more portable.
Multiple speeds: Some USB blenders have multiple speed settings, allowing you to adjust the blending speed to suit the ingredients and desired consistency.
Personal-sized blending cups: USB blenders often come with a personal-sized blending cup that you can use to make a single serving of your favorite blended drink or smoothie.
Easy to clean: USB blenders are usually easy to clean by just rinsing the blending cup and blades with water.
It's worth noting that depending on the model, the overall power of USB blender is usually less than the traditional countertop ones and you would also be limited to blend smaller quantity.
Keep in mind that the features of USB blenders will vary depending on the model, so it's important to research different options and compare their features before making a purchase.

Maintaining a USB blender can help ensure that it continues to blend smoothly and efficiently. Here are a few tips for maintaining your USB blender:
Clean the blender regularly after each use. This will prevent any buildup of food or liquids, which can cause the blender to work less efficiently or even break down.
Make sure to properly dry the blender before storing it. This will prevent any rust or corrosion from forming on the blades or other parts.
Always check the manufacturer's instructions for specific cleaning and maintenance tips for your particular USB blender model.
Be sure to check the blades and gasket ring for any wear and tear or cracks. These need to be replaceable on most models if they are not working properly,
Regularly inspect the USB cord and ensure it's working properly and not frayed or damaged. If necessary, replace the cord to prevent any electrical hazards.
By following these tips, you can help keep your USB blender in good working condition and make sure that it continues to blend smoothly and efficiently for many years to come.